Learning to function as a catalyst within set reactions of elemental forces, accelerating the developmental processes of time, I internalize the role of alchemical mediator in my artistic practice.  Driven to make large scale sculpture in real time, I create in an aquatic environment.  This alternative workspace reduces the confines of both gravity and friction.  Submerging myself completely in a vessel of cold water, I pressure-inject wax from above and below.  The interaction reconfigures the lattice structure of the molten wax as it spreads and solidifies.  Layers of metal mesh grids suspended underwater form a three-dimensional drawing board for the wax extrusions. In an effort to extend the length and girth of the forms, I can coddle the wax upon entry, gently restraining the influx of material and allowing the crystalline structure to coagulate and grow.  Submerging other individuals underwater with me, I encase them in wax morphologies.  Confined within a narrow and restrictive vessel, an intimate connection instantly materializes.  Wrapping them in organic formations produces a physical residue of the corporeal interaction.  Underwater video and photography record the transfiguration of both subject and material. These event-based sculptures examine the dynamics of closeness, proximity, and fluidity between artist, materials, and surroundings.  My work examines bodies in motion and material transformations.  The hidden beauty of this material transformation can only be accurately captured on a micro scale, photographing at 2000 frames per second.  This footage is shown alongside the sculpture, exploring the intricacies beyond the visible.